Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tracy’s Red Pepper Sauce

Take some red peppers, sweet onions, tomatoes, garlic - mostly peppers.

Chop them up. Cook them in a big pot for a while. Add some salt, pepper, sugar. Keep cooking.

Add some tomato sauce and some tomato paste. Keep cooking and stirring.

Cool. Process in a machine until pretty smooth.

Press through sieve (optional step. Sometimes I leave the sauce chunky)

Serve on pasta, pizza, enchiladas, etc.

Be very proud of your efforts. 


  1. That pizza looks delicious. I can only imagine how awesome it would be with this sauce.

  2. sauce looks wonderful lovely site

  3. Thanks for visiting and leaving these nice comments! This sauce is one of my favorite things to make. It's especially great to make at this time of the year when the red peppers go on sale. I think most people do not know what to do with 10 or 20 red peppers at a time.... :)

  4. Gorgeous, versatile sauce and so richly flavored. I see you've used it from Italian to Mexican! The enchiladas look amazing!

  5. SO brilliant! simple and absolutely delicious - great recipe
    Mary x

  6. What a great idea! I have a ton of peppers on the way in the garden.

  7. This looks like one of those wonderful recipes that you can do by "feel" and not worry so much about a recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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