Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Empty Nest

I am an empty-nester and I’m not sure what that means.

                No more wet towels on the bathroom floor?
                                Fewer trips to the grocery store?
                                                Yet another change in the way we eat?
                Certainly fewer cars in the driveway.

Different types of TV?
                                Board games after dinner?
                                                More time playing piano?
                Certainly more afternoon walks.      Certainly more time creating care packages.

                Will that pile in the basement go away?
                                And what about late night bonfires?      
                                                Who will ask me to do stuff?
                                                                “Mom, can you_____?”
                Certainly fewer laughs and funny stories.

I am taking it in stride: looking to my future.
I am relying on myself.
I am remembering long years of laughter and tears and worry.

I feel satisfied and melancholic.


  1. Oh Tracy! my eldest is leaving tomorrow - I've 3 more to go but it still feels very strange!!! I think you put it perfectly "satisfied and melancholic"
    all the best
    Mary x

  2. Sending a hugs. I felt sad at first, but then it was fun planning trips to see my girl and surprisingly my time filled up and it seems like I am busier than I was before. It takes a good few months though of walking by that empty room to get over it. Actually three years later my daughter still insists I keep her room in tact. Best of luck at school to your baby.

  3. Oh gee, this post grabbed my attention... I am waiting for this day with plans of a clean house and more travel, but in my heart I am a mum through and through and I wonder how I will be when the nest is really empty :)
    Big hugs to you, I loved the simplicity and feeling in your words :)


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