Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Greens and Beans Over Linguine

I keep complaining that I don’t feel connected to my vegetable garden this year. I purchased random tomatoes and herbs instead of making a conscience decision regarding the types I wanted. I was not happy with the jalapenos that I chose, settling for ‘regular’ size peppers instead of searching for ‘giant’ peppers (which I LOVE for making poppers). I was convinced by my son to plant a ghost pepper and what in the world am I going to do with ghost peppers????? (I’ve already been looking around on Facebook for local people who might want to take my ghost peppers. Naturally, the plant is doing really well, lots of little flowers and peppers showing up every day.)

As a last-minute impulse purchase at the big box garden center, I grabbed a six-pack of Swiss Chard. They looked so beautiful – all red and orange and yellow and purple.

Guess what? The Swiss Chard is completely healthy and happy growing in my little garden. I have so much that I’m not even sure I can eat it all…… Time to get out the juicer and drink it.

I’ve made this recipe twice this week….and it’s good….and it uses up lots of Swiss Chard!

Here’s what you need:
1 super large bunch of Swiss Chard
Garlic, minced or pressed
Red pepper flakes
1 can of cannellini beans plus their liquid
Pasta and pasta water

Here’s what you do:
Sautee lots and lots of garlic and very slowly in a generous amount of olive oil. Never allow the garlic to brown. Add red pepper flakes.

Wash the Chard. Cut the stems in 1 inch pieces and cut the leaves in thin strips.

Add the stems and some water to the pan. Cook slowly until the veg is soft. Add the leaves and some more water. (You want it quite wet). Cook for a few minutes. Then add the beans and all their liquid. This will become nice and garlicky and thick.

Before you drain your pasta, add about ½ - 1 C of salty, starchy pasta water to complete your greens and beans sauce.

Mix together with the pasta and sprinkle parmesan cheese liberally over. But don’t add the sauce to the pasta until the last minute or else the pasta will soak up all the liquid and you’ll be left with a carb blob. (It’ll still taste great; it just won’t be nice and thin and silky.) 

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