Sunday, June 5, 2011

Many thanks to 'Mrs. Stranded' at Stranded in Cleveland for this nice blog award! I think you would like her blog - lots of beautiful food and recipes and also some great table decorating ideas. She even has time for crafts, which is not really my cup of tea, but something that I admire in those of you who are 'crafters' out there!

3 easy rules for this award:
1. Say thank you to the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 interesting things about yourself
3. Forward the award to 15 other bloggers

So, many thanks to Mrs. Stranded for finding and following my blog. That always feels nice!

7 interesting things about me – now, that’s a bit harder. I think I will simply list 7 random things about me – interesting or not. If you want interesting you might click here to see a previous post….. Let’s see……

A visitor to my little lettuce garden. 

1.       I am growing lettuce and spinach in my garden and have already harvested lots of great leaves for salads.
2.       I am currently reading Ayn Rand’s classic novel “Atlas Shrugged” and loving it.
3.       I am the official tweeter for my church. (@LutheranTweet if interested in following me there)
4.       I hate housework and I hate gardening.
5.       I am teaching my very first cooking class next week. Kinda nervous about it.
6.       I love shoes and shoe shopping.
7.       My cookbooks are in terrible disarray. I have little piles all over the house.

I can’t pass this award to 15 bloggers – that seems like a bit much to me. But I do award this to the following:
1.       Culinary Collage – Terry Ann is a fellow Michigan blogger.
2.       Honestly Good Food – very nice, healthy food. My favorite post is called “The Arrival of the Pigs.” I love the photos there.
3.       Olla-Podrida – Pattie has great recipes and also has some fantastic ideas for decorating your table. I love browsing through her site…… my table is usually just plates and paper napkins, but she often inspires me.
4.       SPCookie Queen – Gina recently posted a great cheese pretzel recipe
5.       Put a Lid on It – Perfect for those of you who love canning and preserving. She's also participating in the Spice Rack Challenge.
6. Be Delicious  - Jenny just posted three recipes using fresh tomatoes. Very nice. 

Click away! Make some new friends! Enjoy some new blogs.... and have a great day! 


  1. I'm planning on making Atlas Shrugged the book I take along to my week at the cottage this year. Maybe not your usual beach paperback, but I've been wanting to read it for years. Glad to hear someone else is loving that book and that I'm not the only one with a book like that on my "To Read" list. Enjoyed learning 7 things about you :)

  2. @Bev, Well, you must be a fast reader, cuz "Atlas Shrugged" is way over 1,000 pages long. But they're good pages!!!

  3. I hate gardening too! I would have liked to have planted an herb garden, but our property has a number of buckeye trees that provide an amazing amount of shade. Keeps the house nice and cool in the summer, but it's impossible to grow anything out here.

    Good luck with your cooking class! You'll be great.

  4. Thank you Tracy for passing this award on to me, and Congrats to you, much deserved.

    The church tweeter huh, maybe you can teach me, I'm terrible at it.

    I will pass it along soon. Hope you have a great week.

  5. Congrats on your award! In regards to your question on my blog, YES, please do share your chocolate chip cookie recipe with me.

  6. Congrats on your award! Have fun teaching your first cooking class.

  7. Congratulations on the award, Tracy! And thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I feel so honored!


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