Monday, June 13, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge: Mint

Well, I feel like I might be cheating on this month’s challenge…..

 1) I really don’t like mint. I only use it in a few things.

 2) Because I don’t like it, I didn’t even want to learn about it (that’s lame, I know)

3) I live in a small town with a small grocery store, so no hope for fantastic fresh herbs, just the          pre-packaged stuff.

 4) I have always wanted to taste a Mojito….. so, there was no real challenge for me this month!  
            Just a nice, warm, happy feeling after working on and tasting this delish drink.

Here’s what you need:
Fresh mint
Fresh lime
A bit of sugar (Next time I will leave out the sugar - rum is already sweet)
Light rum
Soda water

Here’s what you do:
Muddle the mint, lime and sugar. I used a large glass and a wooden spoon.

Add ice, rum and soda water. I strained my drink (well, drinks – plural….) into my favorite glass. Look at that gorgeous color.

Beautiful! Keep messing with the quantities until you get it how you like it. Practice makes perfect, right? 


  1. I feel about the same way about mint. However, I grow it in my herb garden exclusively for Mojitos. Now if I could only get lime trees to grow...

  2. I'm the same way - I'm so-so about mint in food, but I love mint in drinks! Mojitos are one of my favorite summer drinks.

  3. I, too, am ambivalent about mint. But it's easy to grow, I like the smell in the garden, and it's nice to grab a sprig or two for a garnish when I need it. I've never had a Mojito -- the whole idea of mint and rum together sounds a bit off-putting but having read your post, I'm willing to give it a try. I certainly have plenty of everything on hand!

  4. I love mint in drinks... this one sounds really delicious!

  5. Guess I have lived a sheltered life . . I've never had a Mojito and now I really want to try one. Will definitely be giving this a try this summer.


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