Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Chicken Dinner

My Sunday evening 'in a nutshell'.... or, better said, 'on a platter.'


  1. Looks good. This is a dish I make alot. My family and I love it.

  2. Next time can I come round? looks so delicious
    Mary x

  3. That is simply a perfect Sunday dinner!! A complete dinner on a platter, looks so delicious!

  4. Tracy,

    There is always room for a roasted chicken in my opinion. We often have one on Friday evening. The simplicity of roasting is the way to have your home filled with the most delicious aroma as well as an enjoyable dinner without much fuss.
    With a fresh green salad and roasted vegetables a family can eat a complete meal in a very economical way.

    The Souper

  5. Love roasted chicken - such a simple yet delicious meal. It looks like you guys enjoyed it!


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