Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Venison Burgers – a first for me

Me: “What do you guys want for dinner?”

Son: “How about venison burgers? You know, that meat that my boss gave me that has been sitting in the freezer for months?”

Me: “Um…. Well….. I kinda have to be in the mood to deal with that…..”

Son: “Mom, he gave it to me so I could try it! How long are you going to avoid it?”

Me: “Um…. Well….. I kinda feel like salad tonight…..or how about pasta?”

Son: “Look, you asked what I want and I told you!”

Me: “Um…. Well….. cough….cough…..”

I was un-naturally afraid to open this package..... 

Here’s how to deal with venison for the first time in your life (which is strange for me, a Michigan girl, surrounded by hunters and not afraid of eating red meat.)

Venison on the left: Beef on the right 

Mix it with some ground beef, add lots of A1 Sauce, garlic powder, smother with bacon and avocados and serve it to your hungry and grateful son.

The truth….. My guys ate the venison burgers…. I had one bite…. And then I ate a Boca Burger. I think it was the odor?

Your opinions about venison?

PS  - I recently participated in a fun link-up. You might like to check it out! It's called "Sunlit Sunday" and it was hosted my My Little Home and Garden.  I submitted my "Sunshine Chicken" and I was the only recipe blog participating... most others were photo blogs. 


  1. Oh dear, I've never had venison but a few years ago when visiting my sister-in-law in Norway she made moose mince - eeeek. Can't say I liked that much lol.

  2. I used to eat venison a lot as a kid because I grew up in a family of a lot of hunters. I always liked it, but haven't had it in a few years (and have never prepared it myself). I should get some from my brother or brother-in-law!

  3. With three hunters in the family we have venison a few times a week. Venison burgers are our favorite! I mix the venison with cut up bacon and high heat cheese. Steam burgers (to make sure bacon gets cooked) for a few minutes and then fry. These taste amazing and you don't even know your eating venison!

  4. I used to be the same way. Bambi??? no way

    Then my daughter-in-law, an avid hunter, cooked some venison for us and it was delicious.

    Cute post.

  5. One time my son-in-law (who is a big hunter) brought over some venison steaks to grill. They do smell a little different when they first start cooking but I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty they were. Other than that I had only ever had ground venison in chili where it was pretty well disguised. I give you points for not letting that package of venison intimidate you forever. :)


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