Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pad Thai: Ten Dollar Dinners: Melissa d’Arabian

I watch a lot of TV…. there, I said it. My DVR is always on the verge of being full. I watch all kinds of stuff: news, Mad Men, Monk re-runs, PBS (can I hear you say Downton Abbey?), Top Gear, Big Ten Sports, Detroit Tigers Baseball, I even watch stuff from the Sci-Fi channel (Eureka anyone?) 
I recently discovered Melissa d’Arabian and her show “Ten Dollar Dinners” on Food Network. (or maybe Cooking Channel). She has some super recipes and such a natural style. I have lots of her stuff bookmarked. Here’s her version of Pad Thai and I totally approve! Only tweaked it a bit by adding a little less fish sauce (but if truth be told, I think mine was kinda strong because it was old…. I have since purchased a new bottle J) Oh, and I used shrimp instead of leftover turkey.
My family loved this! It’s in the rotation! My friends were jealous at the lunch table the next day!
Here’s the link: Turkey Pad Thai (well, I used shrimp)  No need to change a thing. 
Here are my photos:

Here is a screen shot of Melissa d’Arabian and me having a casual convo on Twitter......  J  


  1. Pad Thai is on my list of things to try to make at home, but I haven't yet! I ate authentic Pad Thai in the mountains of Thailand and it was like a dream. This recipe looks like one I will be giving a try!

  2. This looks like such a good dish. I'm not a shrimp fan but I could try using chicken instead. I love your screen shot of your twitter chat - too cute! Have a great day Tracy.

  3. I have tried a few different pad thai recipes, but usually they have so many unusual ingredients that I kinda 'fake' my through. This one, by contrast, was perfect. I recommend it!!

  4. I love Pad Thai, and this looks really good! Love all the eye-popping colors...and anything with shrimp is good to me!! I'm having an Easter blog hop...hope you'll come add a link or two to the fun!!


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