Friday, March 16, 2012

Paper Bowls - what to do with your old cooking magazines

Wanna learn how to make these awesome paper bowls? Read along – they are very, very cool. My students made these in art class; I couldn't resist making my own. 

Start by collecting lots and lots of colorful sheets of magazine pages. Think colorful! Wrap each page carefully around a tongue depressor type craft stick, starting at one corner and making your way to the opposite corner. 

Remove the craft stick, tape the corner, crease the edges and continue until you have dozens of these!

Start making the middle of the bowl by tightly wrapping the first magazine strip around a skewer. Tape it to prevent it from unwinding. 

Continue to add your magazine strips, taping the new strip to the previous strip. Keep going until you have the desired amount. It should look like a huge, flat circle of magazine strips. 

Once you have the desired amount, carefully shape your creation into a ‘bowl’ and slather it with Modge Podge. It is super sticky! Do the outside first so you can rest it (upside down) on a small can or whatever to help it keep its shape. Once it's dry, do the other side. 

Hope you get creative and try this - it is really easy and produces such a unique, practical and usable bowl! Mine is filled with candy :) 

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  1. I love this idea. I've seen these at craft shows for tons of money too. Always wondered how to. Thanks for sharing. Yours look so colorful!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Eileen! I have never seen them at craft fairs around here, but I can see why people would pay money for them. They are very cool.

  3. What an inspired idea!! they look so fun and arty! brilliant :)
    Mary x


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