Saturday, September 22, 2012

Outrageous Brownies: Ina Garten

Have you seen this recipe? It’s killer. I mean, really….one pound of butter? While I was melting the butter and chocolate together, I was thinking that there must be some sort of mistake….one pound of butter. … and cups and cups full of chocolate chips. Ina’s unique addition of a small bit of coffee to everything chocolate is not omitted here, she recommends 2 full tablespoons of instant coffee….I only added 1 tablespoon and that’s plenty. This recipe makes an entire sheet pan overflowing with the most decadent and delicious brownies…plenty to share, plenty to store in the freezer and plenty to munch on straight from the oven.

On a personal note: it is very ironic that I am posting a recipe that calls for one pound of butter today because I am actually toying with the idea of joining VeganMoFo for the month of October. Check it out here. Crazy, right? I would LOVE if any of my readers would like to join with me (and 700 other vegan bloggers from all over the world) – what an eating adventure it could be!

The downside for me is that the entire month must be vegan only posts (ahhh,,,, good-bye, my beloved cheese). According to the rules you can’t even sneak in an egg. The other really tough thing for me is that they encourage 20 different posts! That’s a lot of cooking, photos, eating, blogging, posting….. hey, some of us have to work for a living!

Anyway, I am seriously thinking of trying it for the month of October…..I have mentioned that I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect veggie burger and this would force me to narrow that search down a bit.

Your thoughts? Would you discontinue reading my recipes if I took a vegan holiday? Does the thought of Red Lentil Enchiladas make your finger hover over the ‘delete’ button?  Would you be curious to see what I come up with for my 20 posts? Do you want me to find that perfect veggie burger, once and for all?

GTG… brownies await! (and then probably grilled cheese for lunch….I have a hunk of gouda from the Netherlands lurking in the fridge….hubby brought it home from his recent trip. How he loves me!)


  1. These brownies look seriously there such a thing as too much butter or chocolate?!?!? Not sure I could do vegan for an entire month...maybe a few meals here or there, but it would be hard for me. As a reader, I'd love to see how you do with a fun challenge like that.

  2. Hey Tracy, I always want to try vegan but don' t really know what you can eat. One of my male classmates from 51 years ago has done this for 2 1/2 yrs now & has lost 80# plus looks much younger & feels better. Am I wrong in thinking it is all veggies period? No fruits? I would sure like to watch the blogging to see if I can do it. I love all veggies except zucchini & eggplant, yrs I've tried them a million ways. As I am becoming an old lady I know this would make me feel & look better--ya had to show us Ina's brownies didn't you??!! Can you have bagels or bread of any kind? Carole

  3. These brownies look awesome! Homemade brownies are such a treat! These look so rich and delicious.

  4. Decadent Ina Brownies and Veggie Burgers both in the same post, now that's what I call a true a spectrum of creative goodness!!!

    I'm sure I couldn't do entire month of vegan but I know the search for the "perfect" veggie burger is of the utmost importance. My son and his wife are still hunting for one, lol...

    Good Luck with your endeavor, Tracy. October is a busy month for non-vegan food celebrations but it also happens to be National Vegetarian Month too!!!

  5. An entire month of vegan posts - that would be awesome to read about! These brownies look AWESOME!

  6. Oh I'm drooling over those brownies :))
    They look so delicious!!!
    I don't think I could ever become vegan - I love all of my food too much to give it up. I will however come and read your recipes though. :)

  7. I get your posts thru my email and read every one of them. I'm an organic gluten-free vegan and would love for you to do the challenge to see what you post!! Please do it!! Nothing to lose except pounds, and lots of important knowledge to gain. You might regret it if you don't ;)

  8. This will be my third year taking part in Vegan MoFo, and I highly recommend it! It's a fun challenge and a great way to connect with some new people. I'm vegan, and so of course, being vegan for a month is no big deal for me. But it's really just different ingredients... I'm sure your readers would enjoy checking out your recipes regardless! :)


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