Saturday, December 1, 2012

Japanese Turnips

I am lucky enough to live near an indoors farmers market which, here in West Michigan, is a big deal. We will have lots snow and cold in the not too distant future and the thought of outdoor shopping is, well let’s just say, not cool. The guy who sold these to me said he uses the very tiny ones by shaving them on his mandolin and putting them on veggie pizza, kinda like pepperoni. 

I bought these Japanese turnips a few weeks ago – a first for me. I roasted them in some olive oil, salt and pepper. The green tops were a bit of a mystery to me and I’m not sure I loved them, but we ate them just the same. I have since learned that I should have removed much more of the tough stem.

By now, you might know that the black stuff on my food is my favorite Black Salt. 

This is a pretty typical ‘lite’ meal around here. Lettuce, boiled potatoes, roasted veg, homemade vinaigrette drizzled over it all. Maybe a shave of Parmesan.  White wine. 

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  1. I've not encountered these types of turnips but will keep my eyes open for them.


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