Saturday, February 16, 2013

Random Pictures from Wintery Michigan

Cabby loves the snow!

Out my front window a few days ago.

We had some power line 'issues' recently.....

Lots of excitement while we got our new telephone pole!

Super cold that day - these guys worked non-stop!

This guy has been hanging around lately. 

Hello, there!


  1. Brrrr that looks cold
    but also beautiful.

    Have a good weekend Tracy.

    x Fiona

  2. It has been really cold today, and we are getting even more snow right now! But it is so beautiful!

  3. I feel really bad telling you I had a t-shirt on today with no sweater. We are having Spring like weather here in CA, so I'll cross my fingers it's coming your way soon. I love your friend who has been hanging out. Keep warm and enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

  4. Gina, I guess I never knew you lived in sunny California! I actually love having all four seasons of weather, but the snow and cold get a bit tiresome this time of year...spring is just around the corner!


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