Friday, March 22, 2013

An Eggless Easter?

Can it be done? An eggless Easter? I think so….at least in my home this year, we are going eggless. This graphic about egg consumption comes from the Nasoya website. Pretty interesting, don’t you think?

If you want to take a peek at some beautiful eggless Easter ideas, check out the most recent post on This Vegan Life......  let your inner 'Martha' free!  Me - I will probably just do plastic eggs and fill them with candy :) That works.

On another note, you may recall my recent dilemma regarding the menu at my St. Patrick's Day party? I decided to go with the classic Irish fare - glazed corned beef, boiled cabbage, roasted carrots and twiced baked potatoes.

I also made some great little desserts. Recipes to come....Those Lemon Tassies were excellent!!

Bonus from the leftovers? Corned beef hash for my son and Halushka for me and Tim. Jealous?


  1. Love your tablescape and all the good food! I don't even want to imagine an eggless Easter! lol Have a good weekend!

    1. An eggless Easter is kinda hard to imagine for me too, Pam! I am going to try, though. I haven't really eaten an egg for over 6 months, except maybe in a baked good, and I feel great about it!


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