Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Changes in My Life: One Small, One Big

 Hey, before you make this soap - read this! Turn out, after using this soap for a while, I actually did not like it AT ALL! 

Change Number One
 I started making my own laundry detergent. It's great. I will never use the name brand stuff again. 
Grate one bar Fels-Naptha soap.
 Add 1 C Borax and 1 C Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. 
Use 1-2 T per load. 

I put my grated soap in the processor to make it a smaller shred. 

After I added the Borax and Washing Soda, I gave it all a big whirl. 

Change Number Two
We lost our beloved puppy, Cabby, when she was hit by a car. My house is quiet and my heart is heavy. 


  1. So sorry about your dog, Tracy. How sad!

    Interesting about the detergent. Before I read your post, I was wondering what you were making with Borax and shredded cheddar cheese. :)

    1. I know, that soap looks like cheddar! Funny!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, what a sad thing. I know that ours is such a big part of the family that we would be heartbroken too.

    1. Thanks Terry Ann for the nice comment.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, Tracy.... It's very sad... Take care.

  4. I'm SO sorry about your lovely dog Tracy, I send lots of love and comfort to you.
    mary x

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Mary. Crazy how a dog can steal our hearts!

  5. So sorry to hear about Cabby, I know how pets become part of the family. Wishing you didn't have to say good-bye. Great job trying your own soap, I like the idea, but not sure if I'd want to share my food processor I use for food with soap. But detergent is way overpriced in my opinion. Got you moved over to my new reader, I lost everything when it closed, ugh. Have a great weekend.


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