Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adonis Cake – (from My Beef with Meat)

I think I have mentioned that I love cake. It just makes even plain old Wednesdays special. Thursdays too. This one is dense and moist and full of healthful ingredients. Makes you kinda feel great about going back for a second slice.  And check out that frosting! (secret – no butter, no egg whites, no cream cheese)

I got this recipe from the excellent book “My Beef with Meat.” The reading is light and informative, presenting the case for veganism in a very basic and non-threatening way. The recipes, however, are pretty hard-core vegan and totally plant based. See Zeb’s Waffles here and Raise the Roof Lasagna here. Maybe you already know that Rip Esselstyn, the author, is a well-known vegan tri-athlete and is the son of Dr. Esselstyn of “The China Study” fame. Rip (gotta love that name) helped fellow firefighters with their struggling health by cooking plant based meals for them. You can check him out on Facebook and all over the internet. I recently learned that he has partnered with Whole Foods, so those of you who are addicted to Whole Foods will see his stuff on the shelves soon.

I’m just going to let you google the recipes today. Look for “Adonis Cake” and be sure, sure, sure to use the frosting Rip recommends. (I am not giving away the ingredients or method for that frosting – I am going to make you go on an internet hunt!) 

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