Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving: Menu Inspiration Part One

Some menu ideas for your upcoming day of thanks. I chose recipes that can be made ahead which makes the big day of eating and watching football and being with family and friends a little more relaxing.  You can find recipes by clicking on the links.

This will be the 4th year that I have not served or eaten the traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, and guess what? I'm still alive to tell about it! I didn't shrivel up and waste away because I didn't eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Can you rise to the challenge and step out of the the box a tiny bit? Try some new foods and see how much your guests appreciate it. 

Today I'm sharing appetizers, soups, and salads. Tomorrow I'll share vegetable side dishes, main entrees, and desserts galore. 

Burgundy Mushrooms- serve with good bread to soak up the juice - it's amazing! 

Maple Nut Snack Mix - put down the puppy chow. (You have powdered sugar on your chin)

Cauliflower and Potato Soup with Applesauce Reduction  - this is a restaurant photo, mine is much different, but my version of the soup was memorable!

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup - a meal in itself, but perfect as a first course on a Thanksgiving table.

Celery Salad with Miso Dijon Dressing - I always associate celery with Thanksgiving.

Dijon, Orange and Dill Dressing - good on greens or veg. 

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  1. I love seeing what other people are eating for thanksgiving! Especially since everyone has their own way of doing it- like I find it interesting when people serve soup and salad!


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