Friday, June 7, 2013

Random stuff and finally back to the kitchen.

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I am almost an 'empty-nester."
I feel like I am finally coming up for a breath of air! Life has been full-up-to-the-brim these past few months…. pant….pant….pant…..Whenever I am on the verge of whining and complaining, my husband  patiently reminds me that I live a ‘full life.’ He is so wise (and kinda irritating, because sometimes it just feels good to whine and complain…. !)

We ate the entire thing.
Congrats to our youngest son who graduated from high school. To celebrate, I hosted a big open house where I served shredded chipotle pork and also some shredded Mexican chicken breasts. Tortillas, cheese, lots of guacamole, homemade refried beans and tons and tons of rice. Fruit salad. Mexican soda. 80 guests. The most decadent and delicious Tres Leches Cake. 

I want Thomas Jefferson's vegetable garden.
He loved peas. 
I took my students and their parents on a week long field trip to Virginia and Washington DC. I did a really great job of eating vegan for the entire week, but I did indulge in a big scoop of mac and cheese at Pickett’s Buffet (love that name) in Gettysburg. I am not counting it as cheating though, because it was totally desiccated and void of any cheese. I didn't even enjoy it.

The folks. 
My mom had knee replacement surgery this week and I have complete guilt because I haven’t seen her since the surgery….:( Now that school is over, I can do a bit more traveling.

He hopes to get a degree in electrical engineering and spend his
  life building stuff like this small satellite. 
My middle kid drove to Seattle this week to begin a summer internship. That’s a long drive from Michigan. I know he will love his time there – great city and better weather than west Michigan, I hear. J

I hosted a small picnic for my choir. On the menu were grilled hot dogs and guess what? I totally broke my vegan diet and ate TWO of them. Except for a few bites of cheese and maybe a small bit of meat, that’s the very first time! Oh, and a few slices of that awesome Tres Leches cake you see up above!  Crazy! I just couldn't resist!  

I'm the old brunette, not the gorgeous blonde! But that is my daughter. 
I cut off all my hair. Man, did I need that! It was getting pony-tail long. 

I lowered my cholesterol by 48 points in the past 9 months. Doctor is pleased and so am I! 


  1. Welcome back Tracy!!! I too have returned from a seven month blogging hiatus.

    Congrats to your children!!! Hope things will settle down for you soon, but not too much, lol...empty nest syndrome you know:)

    Thanks for sharing...

    P.S. GREAT news on the cholesterol numbers. I'm still working on it. Nine months is amazing!!!

  2. Hi Tracy :))
    It's been ages since I visited your blog - I've not been around as much either. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Congratulations to your youngest son on his graduation - that cake looks super tasty!!
    Well done on reducing your cholesterol number - it's not easy!!!
    I recently became a granny - can you believe that? It doesn't seem that long that my 23 year old daughter was a baby and there she is having her own, phew!!!
    Take care :))


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