Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Radish

What’s up with radishes? Either people love them or hate them (poor little guys). I didn’t start eating radishes until a few years ago, probably because I didn’t grow up eating them (sorry little fellas).  Of course you can toss them in salads or on a veggie tray, but think about other ways you can eat these spicy little globes of goodness. One quick look on the internet will provide many ways of preparing them. 

I have been roasting them lately to great acclaim – they actually become quite sweet (it’s true, you just have to trust me.)  Last week I tried sautéing the greens, but….well….. I didn’t love them. It took some real chewing and tooth chomping to get them down. But if Foodand Wine can conquer the humble radish top (cute little guys) then so can I!

I am growing radishes for the first time in my garden. I suppose they should be in nice rows, but we just cast out the seeds, thinned them a bit and stand back to watch. 


  1. I LOVE radishes! I have sauteed them in butter with chives, but never roasted them. I am going to try this. Thanks, Tracy!

  2. What a great vegetable garden - we LOVE radishes - and I love the way you use them here!!
    Mary x


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