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From the simplest of ingredients comes one of the most delicious beef meals. This would be great for company, because it never fails to produce a fantastic meal! The sauce from this is outstanding…. Really, any size brisket will work with this amount of sauce. You might notice in the picture below that I actually cut my brisket in half because it was so huge….. another meal in the freezer – great for a fall evening. The leftovers from this recipe are also very good – we had them today on whole grain rolls with extra sauce for dipping.

Here’s what you need:
A beef brisket – be sure not to buy a corned beef brisket – that’s a different thing. I usually go to the butcher to purchase my beef, but I have bought the briskets in the ‘plastic wrap’ from the grocery and they are equally good. Sometimes they are hard to find, so check at the butcher.
½ C brown sugar
¾ C ketchup
12 oz chili sauce
12 oz beer (as you can see, we like Canadian beer….:))
1 package of dried onion soup mix

Here’s what you do:
Cut away some of the fat from the meat, but leave some for flavor.
Stab the meat with a sharp fork and let out all those aggressions in the process! Place the meat in a 9x13 glass dish.
Mix the sauce and pour over the meat…. Be sure to have the fat side up- that’s important.

Cover tightly with foil.
Bake 325 degrees for 3 ½ hours.

Remove from sauce and allow meat to rest for at least ½ hour.

While meat is resting, degrease the sauce. My method for doing this is to pour the sauce into a small pot and set the pot in ice water. Before too long, the fat and unhealthy part of the sauce will begin to congeal and is then easy to remove with a spoon. Because the sauce is already in a pot, it is then very easy to reheat.

During this ½ hour you can get the rest of the meal prepared…. We had our brisket with roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower.

Slice the meat against the grain. Tonight I cut it in quite thick slices, like a roast. It is also most delicious sliced very thin. 

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  1. Brisket is very popular here in Texas...they're usually smoked or BBQed, but I don't have a smoker or a grill. Which most of my family calls heresy! I love to cook ribs in the oven, so thinking brisket would work too! Looks yummy...


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