About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Tracy Wood. I decided to start this blog as a way to catalog the many excellent recipes I have. I wasn't always a great cook, but life just brought me along this path, and here I am. Cooking for three children and a hungry husband also encouraged me to jump in and just learn to cook. It doesn't hurt that the people you see here on this page love to eat great food!

Not really sure if I have a philosophy of cooking..... all I know is I like real food, prepared well, served in a way that demonstrates I care. You'll find lots of vegetables and healthy recipes here, but also great beef, pork, chicken and seafood stuff also. I always say, "I would love to be a vegetarian except for that occasional burger or steak."

Tim and me - Christmas 2008

Besides getting a great meal on the table most nights of the week, I spend time in the work force. I am a part-time teacher at a small Lutheran school. Currently I am teaching American History and Language Arts to Middle School aged kids. Love it and love them! One thing I am known for in my school is bringing in food for my students to sample. When I teach World Geography, we taste food from all over the globe: Japanese sushi, African yam cakes, Mexican turkey in mole sauce, Turkish Delight from England. Sometime the kids like the food and sometimes not!

I am also the music director at my church (another part-time position). I direct the choir, play piano or guitar on Sundays, teach and direct a student bell choir and I even teach recorders and guitar to some of my Middle School students. Search the blog for "Butterscotch Cheesecake" to see a funny photo of me during a bell choir concert.

This is the group of wonderful people who I cook for!

Our oldest children are away in college for most of the year, so my cooking has changed a bit. Less quantities and more simple, quick meals. This photo is from Mother's Day a few years ago. It is taken at a park where our sons both work. I made a fantastic Muffaleta sandwich, pasta salad and cookies. I always remember the menu.

World's Most Spoiled Dog

If you want to really get to know this cute little dog, search the blog for "Housekeeping Time" and "Spiced Rum Cake"...... don't be fooled by the cute face! 

I hope you enjoy reading and trying the recipes you find here. Please feel free to share the site with others who might be interested. I love to get comments from my readers, so don't be shy! 

Happy Cooking!


  1. That's impossible that you have the world's most spoiled dog, because my dog is the most spoiled dog......LOL!

  2. Tracy, Your pup is so cute. It looks like you're a busy girl. Nice to meet you in through blogging :)

  3. Hi Tracy!
    I just wanted to drop you a line and 'meet' you. You are quite the productive and talented woman! I look forward to meeting you in person at Taste of Michigan!

    Blessings to you,

  4. Just stopping by to admire your recipes. Love!


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