Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge: Coriander

I had a hard time with this one. (I guess that’s why it’s called a ‘challenge’ eh?) Searched around through my many cookbooks and all over the internet. Almost landed on a coriander bread from Betty Crocker. It has coriander, ginger, cinnamon and orange zest: my kind of flavors.

 I also considered a coriander seasoned grilled chicken breast with a mango-orange salsa – doesn’t that sound fresh tasting?

I haven’t used bulgur in my cooking in a few years, so this Coriander Tabbouleh Salad was just the ticket. Thanks to my friend, Sue, who passed this recipe on to me! Now I need all your best bulgur recipes so I can get to the bottom of the bag of bulgur in my pantry!

Place 1 Cup bulgur in a bowl with ¼ C olive oil. Pour over 2 C boiling water, cover and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. (This was the recommended method, but you could always follow the directions on the package and add the olive oil to the dressing….. )

In the meantime, whisk ¼ C lemon juice, 1 T coriander, 1 T fresh grated or minced ginger root, 1 t dried mint, salt and pepper to taste.

When bulgur is tender, add dressing and 1 English cucumber (seeded), 1 C chopped green onion, and 1 C fresh parsley.

Couldn’t be easier! Very lemony and satisfying. 

I have another favorite salad recipe here on the blog that used coriander 
(one of my first blog posts…. )
Now that I have made this tabbouleh, I can say that the couscous salad needs lots  more coriander!

Just a random photo of the meal my teenage sons made on Mother’s Day: hamburgers on the grill with sharp white cheddar cheese, fresh steamed green beans and these wonderful roasted smashed potatoes. Thanks boys! Mom loves you!

Also, an update on the rhubarb situation (please ignore the weeds - it has been cold and rainy for weeks up here.... weeding must be done on bright sunny warm days if I'm involved). Any rhubarb recipes out there?


  1. Are you as sick of the rain as I am? Those roasted smashed potoates look really good.

  2. This looks good...and bulgar is so very healthy! I can get Michael to eat stuff like that when it's in a flavorful salad...

  3. I have been considering growing rhubarb. I have no idea why since I've never liked the stuff, but I think since we now have a yard of complete sun versus our former yard of complete shade (thanks to the tornado) that I'd like to trying growing more fruits and vegetables. What will you do with yours?

  4. Thanks Tracy for enlightening me on Coriander. Have not cooked with this spice yet.

    The Souper

  5. How nice of your sons to cook you dinner on Mother's Day.

  6. Sounds like a recipe my family will like. Will give it a try! We love rhubarb, everything from a rhubarb sauce over ice cream to a rhubarb coffee cake but my all time favorite was a fluke, Rhubarb Daquiris, seriously they are delish, the kids even like the non alcohol version. You make a simple syrup with your rhubarb, blend with rum and ice. Refreshing! Hope you give it a try!

  7. I am all over that Rhubarb Daquiri... Oh man....


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