Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Photo Journey : Weekend in Detroit

Just spent a fantastic weekend in Detroit with the family. How blessed I am!
Highlights included:

1.       Seeing my two kids who are away at college – they were sweet enough to drive over and spend the day with us! I love that my adult children are carving out paths in this world for themselves. 

2.       Coffee with an old high school friend. We just recently reconnected and it feels good. Roots. 

3.       A gourmet meal of black bean burgers, sweet potato fries, broccoli salad, hummus, jalapeno poppers – all prepared by my awesome sister! Oh! And she made my favorite cake… how thoughtful was that? Recipe here. (Thanks B!)

4.       An afternoon at the Detroit Institute of Arts viewing the Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus exhibit. It was so excellent! See some Google Images here. If Jesus really looked like that, I want to know more about Him - beautiful. 

.         5. Church at Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown. Beautiful. Traditional. Comforting. I can hardly believe this happened, but I met my old Sunday School teacher from when I was in 5th grade and she REMEMBERED me and my long hair.That's like 45 years ago. MAN! 

6.       Lunch at Greektown. Gotta love when they yell “Opa!” I had Moussaka, which for those of you who are regulars to my blog will know includes eggplant, which I love.

7.       Dessert and more dessert! Sugar BUZZ.... 

8.       A drive through the Heidelberg project. Check it out at Wikipedia if you are interested in urban art….. seeing it in person is quite an experience.



  1. wow, great photos. I'll stick with the dessert one if you don't mind. :) Yum.

  2. Wow Tracy you had a wonderful trip it looks like. I love that urban art, I agree with you on the faces, amazing. So glad you got to see your kids and old friend too. I need a good road trip soon, there is nothing like getting out there and seeing things for yourself. Thanks for your sweet comment, hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. All the great food sounds so yummy too. Greek food, yeah! I love Baklava, and that looked so great. Thanks for sharing all the pics too.


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