Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dog Treats and a Confession

Here’s a confession I will make publically. I have an addiction to canned pumpkin. They go on sale – I purchase them. You laugh? Well, it’s true.

Here is my current collection. You can tell they come from a variety of stores, brands, and probably years. Picture this: I am standing in the grocery store and the little voice in my head starts …. can you hear it?  “Tracy, you better pick up some pumpkin. You might need it in case you want to make (____blank______).”

  What goes in the ‘blank’ you ask? Take your pick: bread, soup, risotto, pie, pancakes, … The truth is I really don’t use as much pumpkin as I dream of using. So when I saw this recipe here, I thought it would help clean up the clutter in my pantry. Dog biscuits. Dog biscuits?? Sure, why not?

Sparky LOVED them. LOVED THEM! I made two batches and gave some to all my doggie friends for Christmas.

One can pumpkin
¼ C peanut butter (you might notice I have the same addiction to peanut butter…. You never want to run out of peanut butter… I’m just saying….)
2 eggs
2 C whole wheat flour

Mix. Roll. Cut. Bake. 350 degrees 30-35 minutes. Oh I almost forgot - use parchment paper. 

I have the same hoarding issue with cans of cranberry sauce and mandarin oranges. Remind me some day to tell you my horror story about mandarin oranges…. It will have to be when my children are not around – or my husband for that matter. (A careful glance at the photos will reveal that I found another jar of peanut butter while gathering my cranberries and oranges. I guess if I have to have an addiction, this one’s not too bad! )

Guarding the coats at the annual Choir Christmas party last week. 

addendum: Since I am in the confessing mood, I will add to this post by saying : I have given these darling treats to all my doggie friends... only to be told that the treats had gotten MOLDY!!! The shame! The horror! My reputation is tarnished!  If this note does not completely turn your stomach away from not only this recipe, but me (...please stay....) I suggest that you bake these suckers until they are totally dry and hard. Then use them quickly. 


  1. I made some homemade dog biscuits a few months ago and gave them to my daughter for her dog. When I asked her about them a few weeks later she said the dog loved them but they had to throw the last few away because they went moldy.

    I'm a little perplexed by what's going on. Homemade cookies never go moldy after a couple weeks. I wonder what the solution is ??

  2. Happy New Year Tracy! I was just thinking about making my dog some dog treats today. I bet he would love these ones.

  3. I've been making dog treats a lot lately. Our goofy dog loves them. Your dog is so sweet but I think I've mentioned that before.

  4. Love it! I buy ketchup like you buy pumpkin!

  5. I think its possible that the "moldy" was caused by the pumpkin? I make peanut butter dog treats all the time and they have never become moldy!! Here's my recipe you might want to try,
    My dogs love them!!

  6. Thanks, Linda, for the link to your dog biscuit recipe - I will give it a try! (anything for my little doggie!)


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