Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I don’t even know where to start today. So many changes happening around me – lately I feel overwhelmed by the pace of life. It’s simply spinning!

Our oldest child graduated from the University of Michigan recently with a degree in Nursing. She has found a full time job and a great apartment. Seeing her transition into the beautiful young women she has become is such an overwhelming feeling. Her heart is gold and she will go far in this life. I can only stand by and watch in awe.

Our middle child is graduating from dorm life to apartment life; he’s spending the summer away from home and I’m a wreck over it all.  For some reason I can’t imagine that I’m even old enough to have a kid his age…. what’s happening here??   I can remember when my entire life and possessions could fit in the back of a Pinto wagon, including my bike. I guess it’s his turn to jam it all in a car and head out into this wonderful world. Another heart of gold.

Nothing profound to say about kid number three, except that I am stunned that he will be done with high school and on to the next chapter of his life in one short year.  Stunned. I am enjoying every minute with him and trying not to hover.  One more great big heart of gold (and a great sense of humor to boot!)

And yet, with all these transitions spinning around me, life steadies on; it presses forward.  I look out my kitchen window and see the trees blooming again; my parsley miraculously made it through the mild Michigan winter and I am already using it in my meals. A little green miracle waiting for me.  

And see what beauty greets me each morning as I open my front door – a spectacular draping of lavender wisteria – another miracle - and proof that life continues on in spite of all the change.  Can you see the tiny robin’s nest snuggled in the wrought iron post? That spot is filled every year with robins and their glorious blue eggs. Could you find a better place to wait for your babies to hatch? Life circles around and I get to experience it.


  1. Congrats on your daughter graduating, and I hear you on the craziness of schedule. I'm moving mine home for two weeks then back up. If only we could slow it down if only for a moment. Beautiful wisteria.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter on graduating. She is very pretty.
    Time moves on so fast doesn't it. They are not children for very long.
    I LOVE your wisteria it is beautiful such a lovely colour.

  3. It sounds like your life is on a peaceful plateau right now. Your children sound wonderful. Tracy, I am unable to access your blog using your google+ home page. I suspect I am not the only one having trouble reaching you. IfI didn't know the name of your blog I would never have been able to respond to your comment. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. How beautiful. It must be tough as a parent seeing your 'robins' fly away, but a tremendous achievment also. Beautiful post.
    T x

  5. Don't the years go by quickly? It's an exciting and yet sometimes bittersweet time. It looks like your kids have bright futures and I think you will find the empty nest is not too bad after all :)


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