Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pumpkin Granola: Yes, I still have canned pumpkin!

Homemade granola is ridiculously easy to make at home, just takes the tiniest bit of time and effort. And the bonus? Great taste. It’s better for you too. This one is better for you at least; whole grain oatmeal, flax seed, pumpkin and almonds. Gotta steer clear of those granola recipes laden with oils and sugars.   Just take a second and read the calorie count on store bought granola and I bet I will convince you to try making it at home. This ones earns a 'heart-healthy' tag from me! 

And although it tastes great, you shouldn’t be adding chocolate chips to your so-called ‘healthy’ stuff--although I’ve been known to add a chip or two to my oatmeal. In fact, my next post is going to be a super healthy oatmeal breakfast bake with nuts, dried fruit, flax seed and yes, chocolate chips. Stay tuned.

How to eat granola? Sprinkled on yogurt or over ice cream, in a bowl with milk, or straight (my personal favorite). I actually have a tupperware of this stuff in the closet in my classroom as I write this. I love a good mid-morning snack!  You should see me shovel the stuff down. I do feel a tiny bit guilty as my students open their tiny packets of cookies and pop tarts while I dig in to my homemade goodness, but hey, I share.

This recipe comes from Liv Life. Check out the recipe here.

Here’s what you need: (do NOT let the long list scare you away!)
2 ½ C rolled oats
3 T flaxseed meal (I’m starting to use this stuff all time lately, just sprinkle it on where it seems tasty. I actually add it to smoothies and my morning oatmeal.)
1 handful whole raw almonds
¾ t cinnamon
1/8 t nutmeg
1/8 t ginger
Pinch cloves
Pinch allspice
½ t sea salt (original recipe called for ¼ t salt)
1/3 C brown sugar
¼ C pumpkin puree (regular readers know my fondness for canned pumpkin!)
2-3 T corn oil (original recipe called for grape seed oil, which I don’t have)
2-3 T maple syrup (a secret ingredients to lots of stuff – don’t skimp here)
½ t vanilla

You add these in at the end:
1 handful dried cranberries
2-3 T salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds – so yum!)

Here’s what you do:
Mix the oatmeal, flaxseed, almonds,  cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice and salt in a big bowl. Whisk together the brown sugar, pumpkin, oil, syrup and vanilla. Mix it all together. Pour out onto a baking sheet which has been lined with parchment paper.

Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes.  Stir. Bake 10 more. Stir. Bake 10 more. Stir. Allow to cool. Simple, right? When the granola has cooled down, add the cranberries and pepitas.

Your house will smell great – think Thanksgiving and Christmas and sitting by a roaring fire all rolled into one. 

(printable recipe)

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  1. I like making homemade granola. This recipe looks like a winner!

  2. Yummmm! I am a huge pumpkin fan and I make homemade granola almost every week. I can't believe I've never used canned pumpkin in it! Looks delicious!

  3. I really like pumpkin at any time and in any form EXCEPT pie. I have a nice pumpkin granola recipe, but I think I like yours better as it has the addition of maple syrup.


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