Sunday, August 26, 2012

Food Revolution Minestrone Soup

Hello friends! Is it still too warm to be posting a soup recipe? We love soup around here and this is a keeper.....anything from Food Revolution is A+. If you haven't tried any of Jamie Oliver's recipes, I highly suggest them. I have a few on the blog, so check them out by clicking on the index to the right. 

What is it about soup? People either love it or hate it. Me? I’m a lover….a true lover. Soup is such a comfort to me because it fills not only my stomach, but my soul. Even if the weather gets a little warm, soup is still on my menu.  It’s cheap. It’s easy. It only takes one pot to make. It usually freezes well and it makes a great meal for lunch the next day. Tracy's Living Cookbook blog is filled with great soup recipes. Click around and see for yourself. 

As I write this, I have three minestrone soup recipes:

                Mom’s Minestrone – This recipe uses canned veggies and has a weird secret ingredient. I’m not giving it way here –you’ll have to click here if you are curious.
                Hearty Minestrone from Cook’s Illustrated. I hope you are all reading and cooking from this fine magazine. The recipes there are a bit complicated, but every single one is excellent! I turn to my old Cook’s Illustrated magazines often for the best of what I’m looking for. I haven’t posted this recipe here, but I bet you could find it on line. (Check for January 2010)
                Food Revolution Minestrone: AWESOME! I use the recipe right from the website (here) and do not change a single thing. It has BACON J and Parmesan cheese…. I mean, come on! How can you go wrong with those? 

Gather the necessary ingredients, saute the bacon, add the veggies to soften for a while, add the broth and canned veggies and simmer. So easy!

There is also a bay leaf in this soup, which adds a really nice, rich flavor. See it in there? 


  1. Tracy, I could not agree with you more. Soup is obviously a passion for me :)

    The Souper

  2. I am a lover of soup. It does need to be a little colder outside for me to be in the mood for it, but there is a vast variety of soups I will choose to consume once fall arrives.

    Happy Monday Tracy!

  3. Dear Tracy, I love soup even when it is warm out. It seems like a perfect lunch or dinner with a nice piece of bread and a salad.
    Thank you for letting me know that you tried my chicken parm and enjoyed it. I like that you made the recipe your own with the lemon juice.
    Have a beautiful day. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  4. Dear Tracy,
    P.S. I used the lemon used the way both work just fine.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  5. I've been having the darndest time catching up with you Tracy. I tried to leave a few messages on google+ but it wouldn't work. I guess you have to be a member. Anyway, the Cheese Straws looked yummy. And, I'm "almost" ready for soup. Minestrone is one of my favorites and a GREAT way to take advantage of late blooming garden goodies.

    Thanks so much for sharing...

  6. Thanks for all the comments friends! @Louise - I really don't know how Google+ works.... still trying to figure that one out! I do post my stuff there, but rarely check up on my Google+ site. Have a lovely day everyone!

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