Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some thoughts about blogging

Last night I had the opportunity to meet with other West Michigan Bloggers for some drinks, dinner and sharing. We make up an impressive group – young moms blogging about raising kids, a few blogs about how to ‘do it yourself’, and even blogs about living simply and getting organized….(I should read those more often, but I digress…)

There was some talk about blogging conferences. There was some talk about SEO. There was some talk about how to make money on your blog. But for me, the best point of discussion was about remembering that blogging is about community. Don’t you agree?

I wonder how all my blogging friends out there feel about these things. Do you blog with the numbers constantly in your mind – How many hits? How many comments? How many new followers?

Or do you blog with a sense of community? Is your blog a place where you can be creative, no matter what others may think? Do you care what people think about your blog??? I wonder…. if bloggers care what others think about what they post, does the blog then remain truly ‘their’ blog….or does the space become something else????

I have met some incredibly interesting and creative people through this blog – folks as far away as Australia, Africa, Ireland and England. Yes, I love my American blogging buddies too, but isn’t it awesome how small and intimate the world can seem through your computer? That’s community.

I would love to hear your thoughts about these things and not just because I am staring at my stats page.  


  1. Hi Tracy.

    I was trying to follow you on Twitter but no go
    daughter had a look and low and behold there you are
    and i followed!

    Love blogging but as you say it is the blogging community that I enjoy.

    I have met the most wonderful people, kind, warm hearted people from far and wide through blogging.

    If these blogging friends are not online for a week or so I wonder / worry if everything is alright with them.
    That is what is nice...

    I am glad that we have met through blogging Tracy.

    Take care


  2. Hi Tracy, I love my blog. It's my wee space to talk about whatever I want. It's always lovely to get comments and people visiting. I also really enjoy 'meeting' people from all over the world. There are so many lovely bloggers out there.
    It defintely makes the world a much smaller, happier place. :))

  3. I post things because it's fun, and entertaining for me. And it's a good way to journal our lives. There are a few things I "filter" or water down a bit- just so I don't offend people- because (since I am my father's daughter), I tend to do anyway. HOwever, I don't shy away from controversial topics, and will even delve into politics (which, actually did cause a few followers to drop, but I wasn't loosing sleep over it).

    I read blogs because I like learning from other people. Your cooking inspires me to try new things, other people inspire me to get more organized, etc. You're right - it does make the world MUCH smaller!

  4. This is so good to remember Tracy. Sometimes I forget that I started my blog as a way to share helpful and money saving ideas and instead I sometimes get too caught up in my Google Adsense earnings for the day. What keeps me blogging is that it is such a great creative outlet and when someone leaves a comment saying that your recipe or advice was helpful, it's nice to know you could make a difference for them.

    This reminds me that I should write a mission statement and hang it up where I can continually see it so I stay focused on the big picture.

    Sorry I missed you all at the blogging meeting. Sounds like it was an enjoyable time!

  5. Hello Tracy,

    Oh how I wished I had a group of local bloggers to chat with like you do. My blog is a combination of things to me.

    First and foremost, my blog is place to release my creative engery. Frankly, if I couldn't share there - I don't know where I would. I've baked, crafted, wrote, etc. for years - but never had a place to share it all.

    The longer I blog, the more important numbers become to me. Of course I want to be liked. And I love knowing that someone is reading what I wrote - lol...

    I have made friends with some great people through blogging. I would have never had that opportunity if it weren't for my little old blog :)

    Thanks for a great post and a place to share our thoughts.

  6. I think I started blogging as a creative experiment. I didn't have a vision of a clear purpose other than having a good excuse to fiddle with my camera and making a bit of a connection here or there. I started mine after I retired from teaching and the automatic daily contact with people was gone. Not that I'm not pleased to be retired! Oddly, perhaps, the people I know personally are unaware that I even have a blog.

  7. I started blogging to have a reminder of recipes I've tried or experiences I've had with my family.

    I have really come to enjoy the "friends" I've met along the way and love checking in on the various blogs to see what people are doing.

    It really does make the world a smaller place when you have these cyber connections.

    A very thought provoking post Tracy :)

  8. Sounds like you had a great time, Tracy. I would enjoy a chance to sit and visit with other bloggers that way. Blogging began as a simple way to journal my favorite recipes and in the process I discovered a whole community of new friends. I LOVE blogging now and I had no clue that it would turn out to be so much fun.

    I've never made a penny at it (or even tried to figure all of that out), but I admittedly do have fun watching my stats on Google Analytics! It is mind boggling to me that thousands of people actually read my writing and come back every day for a new recipe.

    So, to answer your question, blogging is just plain FUN!

    P.S. Your "Special Plate" in the latest post completely made me grin! I grew up taking turns throughout the year waiting for my own special occasions to be allowed to eat on my mom's Special Plate. Now I have my own plate and I love it!

  9. Hi Tracy,

    Meant to leave you a comment on this the other day, but have yet to sit down.

    Your thoughts are right on point.

    I guess as long as you know why you do it, that's all that matters. I've done it long enough though to see thing I don't like or been asked to do things I don't want to.

    My favorite part of writing it has been the people I've met through it.

    Keep doing what you are doing!

    Hope you are able to get some relaxing in this weekend.



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