Saturday, September 4, 2010

kids in the kitchen

A Beautiful Chocolate Cake

Last week, my 18 year old son and his girlfriend informed me that they wanted to make a cake.  Alright, I thought..... (but what about the dishes?) I was thinking they would buy a box and make a 9X13 sheet cake (no harm there.) No, they said, they wanted to make it from scratch. (OK, I thought..... what about the mess?)  And they wanted it to have four layers. 

We leafed through the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and they decided on the Devil's Food Cake. (great, I thought.... chocolate....)  I had all the ingredients in my pantry, so with just a few pointers from me, they began their baking project. I ran errands.

As you can see, I came home to this beautiful, beautiful cake and a spotlessly clean kitchen! 
Four layers of chocolate goodness and raspberries from our garden.
 "Next time, I'll put a layer of raspberry jam between two of the layers." Nice idea, wouldn't you agree?  
My son (the engineer/baker!) left this week for his first year of college.....  How about some kudos to him for this great cake? 


  1. what a beautiful cake, I don't think one piece would have done it!

  2. It was as delicious as it looks. Didn't take long to polish it off!

  3. That cake looks fantastic! I hope that my son (now four) stays interested in helping me cook and bake. I try to involve him as much as possible!

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