Saturday, October 6, 2012

Burritos: Refries, Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Green Onions, Chipotle Cream: VeganMoFo #5

I'm a Veganwannabe: Post #5

A few days ago, I bragged that I am the refried beans QUEEN...My exact words, I believe, were, "I have refried beans down to a science." Once, my hubby ordered a bean burrito with a side of beans at a local Mexican restaurant. We eat beans probably twice a's a running joke, but we never tire of them..... I think that may be why this whole 'vegan' thing seems in my reach.... I LOVE BEANS!!  May I provide some evidence here, today? 

Here’s what you need:
Refried beans – if you choose canned beans, choose fat-free type.... Please start making your own.... I plan to blog about that this month, so stay tuned! 
One sweet red pepper
A few green onions, sliced length-wise (my newest craze)
A handful of cherry tomatoes
Flour tortillas
Red salsa
Dairy-free sour cream
Dried chipotle flakes
Hot sauce

Here’s what you do:
Slice the pepper in long strips and sauté them in a tiny bit of oil. After they are soft and somewhat browned, add the green onions and tomatoes. Continue to cook – pierce the tomatoes so they don’t explode.

Spread some refried beans on the tortillas and split the lovely sautéed veggies over the beans. Roll up and place in a greased baking dish. Smother with salsa and stick in the oven.

In the meantime make the chipotle cream. Add the dried chipotle flakes to taste and shake in some of your favorite hot sauce. We LOVE Tapatio!! Search for it!! It’s pretty authentic and not too hot. 

I cleaned my plate and went back for another good! 
I am feeling great about VeganMoFo!!! Can I keep it up??? Lots of posts...pshew.... I think I will make it!!! Plus, the added benefit??? I feel GREAT about my health/diet!
Next Post: Lemony Wild Rice with Pine Nuts, Currants and Spinach


  1. Oooh!! This sounds delish! I'll have to try it. So great to meet you yesterday at the Taste of MI event :) Good luck with MOFO!

  2. Oh these look absolutely delicious! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food.


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