Monday, October 1, 2012

Homemade Applesauce: VeganMoFo #1

I’m a Veganwannabe – Post #1

Today I begin an adventure. I have decided to join VeganMoFo and blog about vegan food for the month of October. I’m not sure how my readers will like that, but I know my waistline and heart will like it. Also, admit it, aren’t you curious about veganism?

I will try *try* to post 20 times this month (that’s one of the rules….) and I will try *try* not to go amiss by mentioning an egg or something of that nature. Should be interesting to see how I feel in about two weeks….cheese withdrawal, probably…..Stayed tuned!

I start with the simplest of all recipes – applesauce. Peel and cut some apples. Add some water. Add some sugar. Cinnamon if you are so inclined. Mash up in chunks if you like it that way. Put through some sort of food mill if you like it smooth.

I am in love with this funky gadget – have had it for years. It totally separates the seeds and skins from the fruit, so there’s no peeling.

See here for another way to use this cool tool.

Check back tomorrow to see the most BEAUTIFUL Peach Torte! 


  1. Oh I love homemade applesauce...tastes so much better than something from a jar.

    Excited that you are doing MoFo too, hopefully (like you) I can post 20 times this month :)

  2. I love homemade applesauce and I love how you boil your apples with the skins on - that's how my mom and grandma make it too. They push the apples through a strainer afterwards though, in order to separate the peels from the flesh. Your machine would make that a lot easier! Happy MoFo!

  3. I've never made applesauce before but I think I may give it a shot this year.
    Your gadget looks really cool!!


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