Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taste of Michigan : VeganMoFo #11

 I'm a Veganwannabe: Post #11

I interrupt these fantastic (if I do say so myself!)  VeganMoFo posts to bring you some news from another part of my food life – Taste of Michigan. I was super, super lucky to be included in a great group of food bloggers who spent an entire Saturday together in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We met before breakfast and ate and shopped our way through our wonderful city. This event was organized by Rachel (Rachel Cooks) and Liz (The Lemon Bowl)  Click over to their blogs and give them a shout out.

We started the day at a huge fresh air market. It was a tiny bit drizzly and the wind was brisk, but that didn’t stop me from purchasing tons of veggies (gotta keep the MoFo thing going, don’t ‘cha know?) 

Ate breakfast at a very cool food truck (The Silver Spork)….. will my MoFo friends still love me if I confess that I ate an egg? I know I promised not to even mention an egg this month, but I couldn’t resist… sorry!

Shopping was easy on Wealthy St. Art of the Table provided a great bag of goodies and we sampled Michigan made chocolate. I will dedicate an entire post to some incredible chocolate that I bought- more on that, later.

A highlight for me was lunch at Bistro Bella Vita. I stayed true to my vegan month of food and ordered a special vegan meal… was probably one of the best things I have ever eaten.  Quinoa, asparagus, zucchini and a glorious portabella mushroom. And the salad!!! I couldn’t stop eating it. (all Michigan stuff: late lettuces, arugula, apples, grapes, nuts, sweet onions.) Everyone else was eating such small portions and I could have chowed on that entire bowl of salad..... don't you hate that??? ha ha 

Mid-afternoon found us drinking wine at Reserve. I don’t think you could find a classier place in any city on any continent. No kidding. Come to Grand Rapids and see for yourself. Great wine. Gourmet food. Perfect atmosphere.

Dinner was a big event. We were treated to a four-course meal at Six.One.Six. Again, I challenge anyone to find a better restaurant and menu anywhere – Grand Rapids has an excellent food scene. 

I just love this photo - it captures the quiet moment before a party begins: the table is set, the wine is chilled the guests are on their way.....makes me want to host a party!

As promised: Next Post: Quinoa Burgers - DEElish!


  1. Tracy could you pretty pretty PLEASE do a follow-up post at the end of the month with your top vegan recipes that you have made?? I'm interested to hear your faves, and I'm sure others are too!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the event, Tracy! Loved getting to meet you and talk with you. :)


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