Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Enchilada Sauce: VeganMoFo Post #20

I’m a Veganwannabe: Post #20

I am proud to post my 20th vegan post in a row! “You Go Girl!!”  (Anyone out there in the blogger-sphere saying that to me? Anyone? Anyone at all? )

I end my month of vegan meals with the mainstay of the vegan diet – BEANS. Beans. Beans and more beans. Beans in all their glorious variety. Beans in all their simplicity. Beans with all their indisputable health benefits. Michigan beans.

These are Yellow Indian Woman Beans- heirloom and organic, grown very near my home at Shady Side Farms in Holland, Michigan. Please visit for all their contact information if you are interested in this type of bean. They also have great wools and yarn goods.

I mixed my Yellow Indian Woman Beans with some black beans and rice and wrapped it all up in wheat tortillas. I also made some enchilada sauce in my new Vitamix blender (J) and poured it over all. Baked. Served with sour cream (Tofutti). You can see I added some dried cilantro to the sour cream.

Not the prettiest meal, but I’m telling you, it was satisfying. Very basic. Very wholesome. Totally cheap.

Here’s what you need for the enchilada sauce:
4 C vegetable broth
2 T olive oil
2 T red wine vinegar
2 tomatoes
1 clove garlic
1 t oregano
1 t cumin
1/3 C chili powder
1 t salt
½ C flour

Here’s what you do:
Turn your mixer on high and watch what happens. This recipe makes a lot. I actually used half and froze half for another meal. The tortillas really soaked up the sauce, so be liberal when pouring.

On a personal note: I will miss Vegan Month of Food. Posting 20 times in a single month has been crazy, but I did it! I posted my thoughts about my vegan adventures a few days ago: read about them here.  I have met some really great cooks and people who are aware of the role of food in their lives. I have learned about the food industry in our country. I understand on a deeper level the relationship between what I eat and how I feel. Who knows if I will ever do this intense food experiment again? All I can say, I loved it! 


  1. Tracy......congrats on your 20th vegan post......I would love to try the vegan route and see if I could make it a month. I think I'd do okay as a vegetarian, but a vegan would be so hard to do without cheese....a staple of life. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the comment Terry Ann! My vegan adventure was really challenging, especially without cheese, but after a week or so, it was a breeze. Plus, I feel great! I will probably add some cheese back in slowly, but not too much!


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