Sunday, September 6, 2015

Avocado Toast

Day 6: Recreate a restaurant meal.

Has avocado toast taken over the world? My gosh - it's literally everywhere! Even in my own kitchen.  It's the simplest of concepts: take an avocado and serve it on toast. But, oh, how wonderful that can be..... read on!

I recently devoured Toasted Avocado Tartine at Le Pain Quotidian in Georgetown, DC , and knew it would be the perfect restaurant meal to recreate at home.

While in DC, we toured the  Newseum which was fantastic for those of you who love to read newspaper headlines from American history. And when I say history, I mean all the way back to colonial times. I read with my own eyes the newspaper account of the Boston Tea Party written and published and printed the very week the event happened. This photo is from the deck of the Newseum - check out that view!

Le Pain Quotidian is very chic and kitchen is more simple and homey... .and I'm going to state clearly, that my avocado toast was equally delicious as the tartine in Georgetown.

1. Basically, take delicious bread (brown bread would be better, sliced very thinly) and toast it.

2. Spread some ripe avocado over the toast.

3. Arrange slices of avocado over the toast.

4. Make a simple salad of shaved carrots and baby kale. Dress simply with lemon juice.

5. Arrange salad over avocados.

6. Drizzle good olive oil over all.

7. Sprinkle sandwich with sea salt and chia seeds.

8. I see on the  LePain Quotidian website that they use cumin salt and lemon zest on their avocado tartine, but I don't recall those flavors. Both would be good, especially the zest.

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