Sunday, October 22, 2017

Middle School Millet Salad

Vegan Month of Food 2017
"Lines and Light"
(a line or two of original poetry or a photo of light every day in the month of October)

Day 22: Weird Grains

I made this millet salad for my 5th and 6th graders because we are studying Africa. Lots of millet is eaten in Africa (and all over Asia as well). I have to be honest and admit that they really did not like it. I think a few kids only licked one tiny grain and called it good. I kept saying things like, "It's not spicy!" or "I think you'll like it if you take a whole spoonful," or, desperately, "Keep chewing!" Ha!

Mince onions and green peppers and garlic and saute. Whirl a carrot or two in a food processor until minced and almost juicy. Add carrots to the saute. Add millet and saute a bit. Add the correct amount of vegetable broth and simmer until nice and soft. Lots of chopped cilantro at the end. 

I thought it was delicious, but I'm weird that way - I love weird grains. (Is there even such a thing?)

Today's photo comes at the end.... my beautiful dog, Lucy. 

"Light on a nose"

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