Friday, October 6, 2017

Party Rye Toast

Vegan Month of Food 2017
"Lines and Light"
(a line or two or original poetry or a photo of light every day during October)

Don't trip on the hound dog, she's laying on the floor
Just trying to get some coffee, but can't get through the door
This happens every morning
She never gives us warning
Don't trip on the hound dog, she's sprawled out on the floor
(Please set these lines to banjo music)

Day 6: Vegan Cheese- Showcase your best 'cheezy' dish

It's pretty amazing that CHEESE is the main reason people give for not 'being able' to go vegan..... "I could be a vegan if it weren't for CHEESE," people say....... then why don't you become vegan except for CHEESE? I respond with a smile and clenched teeth. I have NO sympathy for this type of 'almost' vegan....don't they know where cheese comes from? Maybe not.....I can't even think about it and that's the truth. 

Vegans must *must* MUST be able to counter people's OBSESSION with CHEESE! I think I've read there is something in CHEESE that's actually addicting and I believe it! 

I don't like any of the vegan cheeses found in the grocery; I can easily pass on all of them. I simply stopped eating the stuff....and no, it wasn't easy, but I did it and I lived to tell about it. 

I have conquered a simple vegan parmesan and that's featured here today. 

These party rye toasts are really good, and just like dairy CHEESE (sob, sob...I can't even think of the cruelty....), they are addicting. Plus they remind me of my mother....and the 70s....and cocktails....and Christmas.... and cousins.... 

Here's what you need:
Cocktail size rye bread (30 slices for a full recipe)
1 small red onion, minced
1 C parmesan cheese (see note)
1/2 C mayo

Here's what you do:
Mash the onion, cheese and mayo together with a fork. Spread over the bread. Broil until brown and toasty - watch carefully!

Note: My vegan parm: 1 C raw cashews, 1/4 C nutritional yeast, 1 t salt. High speed blender. Totally addicting!

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  1. Yours is the second cashew parmesan I've seen today - I always use pecans. I'm going to give cashews a go!


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