Sunday, August 1, 2010

chicken queso burger

Chicken Queso Burger
I found this recipe in the Food Network Magazine a few years ago - its real name is the 'John McCain Chicken Queso Burger.' On the facing page of the magazine was printed the 'Barack Obama Pizza Burger.' So of course, we had to try them both and have a burger cook off right here at home! I'll post the pizza burger later this week - it's really good too!
Here's what you need:
1 T olive oil
1/2 t chili powder
1/2 t adobo powder
(this is an all purpose Latin seasoning, probably not commonly found in the regular supermarkets. I buy mine in small, local Hispanic stores...... you could probably skip it, but do try to look for it - I also use it in my Ropa Vieja marinade....)

boneless, skinless chicken breasts
(I slice mine width-wise to make them thinner.... Don't like that thick meat in a single bite....)

pepper jack cheese, sliced
fresh tomato salsa
good rolls

Here's what you do:
marinate the chicken in the zest and juice of the citrus fruit, the spices and the oil for a couple hours
grill the chicken on a medium flame
when it's almost done on the 2nd side, put a tablespoon of salsa on the chicken and then put the pepper jack on top to melt...... this was a really nice method. I would never have thought of putting the salsa under the cheese, but it works!

I toasted the buns and served the 'burger' with avocado, tomato slices and lots more fresh salsa.
A little cilantro would be great too!

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