Thursday, August 12, 2010

christmas in august

Christmas in August
Last month I was reunited with old high school girlfriends and we spent a very pleasant day shopping in Saugatuck, Michigan. What a charming and interesting town - very pretty, right on Lake Michigan. We had a light lunch and then broke into groups to wander through the town - most of my friends were interested in finding clothing and jewelery. There are many fabulous art galleries to be seen there as well. My focus, typical me, was on the spice store and the kitchenware store.

Upon entering Spice Merchants ( I was pleasantly greeted with the wonderful aroma of so many scents.... warm, spicy, sweet, flowery..... I limited myself to only a small purchase: Hot Curry Powder and Tandoori Seasoning. I'm looking forward to experimenting with the Tandoori spice as a dry rub on chicken.

At The Butler Pantry ( ) I had my spending downfall..... Couldn't resist the cutest red bowl with handles... small, square, fluted edges.... I'm sure you will see it on the blog soon.

I also fell in love with the cutting boards pictured above - I bought 6 of them! What a perfect size! They are Epicurean brand ( and the blurb on the packaging says they are made from eco-friendly paper! Can that be true? Very cool. The cutting board is very solid, perfect size, dishwasher safe and really great all around. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Then last week I saw that they had them for sale at my local grocery store. Look for them in your town!

What do you do with so many cutting boards? Give them as Christmas gifts of course! Mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, friends: you can expect to see more of these in December! Act surprised!


  1. Another cool kitchen/spice shop is in Holland, called The Seasoned Home. I love this shop. The spices are fresh, the clerks are very friendly and helpful, and they give yummy free samples! Their balsamic fish rub is the bomb.

  2. I love all things balsamic.... I am currently using an orange balsamic vinegar from Trader Joe's which is so good - great on bib lettuce and avocados.


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