Monday, August 16, 2010

lemon-lime frozen dessert

Lemon-Lime Frozen Dessert
I love ice cream in all its varieties. I must have inherited it from my dad (are you reading this, Dad?) The great thing about ice cream is that is can be simple enough for a child's birthday party, or fancy enough for a sit down dinner party. This recipe is somewhere in between. I made it for a business lunch I had last week and it got rave reviews.
Recipe comes from Taste of Home Magazine. I tweaked it only a bit by adding more lemon juice .

Here’s what you need:
A foil lined 9X5 in loaf pan – I’ll tell you now that this wasn’t really big enough for all the creamy goodness, but for me it was not a problem because I simply put the excess ‘white’ layer in the sherbet tub with the excess sherbet. (Chef’s treat I think this is called.) It would be fun to experiment with all kinds of shapes of containers – it unmolded beautifully.
2 C lime sherbet – you can see I softened mine for a bit in the microwave and then whisked it so it had no lumps or chunks.
8 oz whipped cream cheese. I used Philadelphia brand because off-brand cream cheese is one ingredient that I have found is never equal to the real stuff. I think next time I will try fat free… why not?
1 can fat-free sweetened condensed milk
¾ C lemon juice
8 oz fat-free Cool Whip- softened

Here’s what you do:
Pour the softened sherbet in the pan and re-freeze for about 10 minutes.
Beat the cream cheese and sweetened milk with a mixer until light and then add the lemon juice
Fold in the Cool Whip – careful to get all the lumps….
Pour the ‘white’ layer over the ‘green’ layer
To unmold, I carefully ran lukewarm water over the sides of the loaf pan and inverted the whole thing on a big plate. The foil peeled off beautifully!

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  1. Magníficas recetas. Me he hecho seguidora tuya,visitaré tu blog a menudo. Saludos desde España


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