Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bulgur Taco Crumbles

I'm sorry to say that I have no idea how I made this ridiculously delicious bulgur taco meat. None. All I know is that is was so, so good! This beautiful burrito photo was hidden on my computer in the 'casserole' file. (If you've been following the blog the last few weeks, you know that lots of my photos ended up hidden in a filed named 'casserole.') I hadn't thought of this stuff for a while, and in the mean time - poof! - I forgot where I filed the recipe. :(

There is absolutely NO reason to eat ground beef again. This stuff not only tastes exactly like ground meat (well, at least how I remember how meat tastes....), it has all the texture and chewiness we crave.

It freezes great - I pulled some from the freezer last night and used it in crunchy shell tacos - so good!

I promise I'll do my best to find the recipe and method. Maybe it was a simple as add the taco seasoning packet and water to the bulgur, simmer, and bake till absorbed. I think that was it.

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