Monday, September 29, 2014

Miso Ramen Stir-fry with Greens and Beans – Vegan Month of Food

Poesy and Plate
Vegan Month of Food  2014
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My goal: cook and blog about vegan food 20 times
  during the month of September. 

My theme: words and food

This had so much flavor! Delicious and easy to throw together after a busy work day. 

The Bean Eaters
By Gwendolyn Brooks (1963)

They eat beans mostly, this old yellow pair
Dinner is a casual affair.
Plain chipware on a plain and creaking wood,
Tin flatware.

Two who are Mostly Good.
Two who have lived their day,
But keep on putting on their clothes
And putting things away.

And remembering….
Remembering, with twinklings and twinges,
As they lean over the beans in their rented back room that is full of beads and receipts and dolls              and cloths, tobacco crumbs, vases and fringes.

This poem almost makes me cry when I read it. You too?

Here’s what you need: (from Appetite for Reduction, Isa Chandra – the vegan goddess of the universe)
1 pound broccoli – stems and florets
8 ounces  noodles (I used ramen, Isa suggests  udon )
1 bunch Swiss Chard, stems removes, chopped
1 C green onions, sliced
16 ounce can azuki beans, drained and rinsed
1/3 C miso
½ C hot water
4 t sesame seeds
Sriracha hot sauce
Sesame oil (my addition)

Here’s what you do:

Cook noodles according to package. Set aside but be sure to keep ½ C of the starchy pasta water. Satue broccoli in a tiny bit of oil until for tender. You can add a splash of water and cover the pan to encourage it. It’s OK if there are a few brown spots. Set aside. In the same pan, gently saute the minced garlic, making certain it does not brown. Add the Swiss chard and onions to the pan. When the leaves have cooked down, add the beans and heat through. Use the hot pasta water to thin the miso and pour this over the Swiss chard. Heat through and mix with the noodles. Garnish with sesame seeds and sesame oil. 


  1. Nice read & looks like an awesome recipe. Snack seasonings really do contribute to yummy dishes like this one. Poor ingredients equal a poor recipe and product. Thanks for the recipe though!! Looks awesome!

  2. Hi Tracy, I've nominated you for a liebster award, go check it out here


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