Friday, September 12, 2014

Sesame-Honey Tempeh and Quinoa Bowl – Vegan Month of Food

Poesy and Plate
Vegan Month of Food  2014
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My goal: cook and blog about vegan food 20 times
during the month of September. 

My theme: words and food

My son built this in a Tennessee river. 

Black Stone on Top of a White Stone, by Cesar Vallejo
I shall die in Paris, in a rainstorm,
On a day I already remember.
I shall die in Paris-- it does not bother me--
Doubtless on a Thursday, like today, in autumn.

It shall be a Thursday, because today, Thursday
As I put down these lines, I have set my shoulders
To the evil. Never like today have I turned,
And headed my whole journey to the ways where I am alone.

César Vallejo is dead. They struck him,
All of them, though he did nothing to them,
They hit him hard with a stick and hard also
With the end of a rope. Witnesses are: the Thursdays,
The shoulder bones, the loneliness, the rain, and the roads...

I don’t like the ‘black stone’ of evil and loneliness that crushes the ‘white stone’ of Cesar Vallejo in this sad poem. I can’t stand the thought of someone standing up to evil only to be struck down.  I wonder if Sr. Vallejo actually had to ‘set his shoulders’ toward some ‘evil’ only to find his way blocked by haters and evildoers? How sad that there are no witnesses except his shoulder bones and the rain. 

I believe this poem is a call to stand against evil when we see it and to be a witness to those that are brave enough to speak out. Don’t create loneliness.

In honor of all things Peruvian, including Cesar Vallejo and quinoa, I offer today’s excellent recipe from Eating Well. I added the green beans for an extra splash of color.

To see the recipe go to the Eating Well web site or simple click HERE

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