Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beer Summit

We did a lot of research for our very own beer summit. 

Day 15:OMG! Barack Obama is coming over because he knows you make awesome vegan food. What are you going to make?

These poor guys didn't have enough food.... Look at Biden grabbing the peanuts.   Can you really solve race issues if you don't have enough food on the table to keep you focused? Plus, I have always felt so sorry for the two guests, wearing those suits and ties. 
At my beer summit, we had lots of food....and lots of beer.

If President Obama came to MY beer summit, I'd feed him. I'd force him to eat TOFU and we could talk about all the global warming that occurs from factory farming all those animals. At my recent beer summit I made these totally fantastic Buffalo Tofu Bites with a buttery buffalo dipping sauce. FIRE alert!  (I wonder if Obama likes spicy?)

I'd serve President Obama these tasty spinach roll-ups and hope he didn't dribble marinara on his tie..... maybe I'd have the courage to tell him to take off the tie? No, probably not.

More research. 
Great ideas and discussion can occur at the dinner table, especially after a beer or two. 


  1. This is brilliant! Everything looks great.

  2. Beer!!! Nice! And those dippables look awesome! LOVE the fish dishes they are cute!

  3. Thanks! We had so much fun with our 'fancy' beers. :)


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