Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ted Nugent Great White Buffalo Dip

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Day 24: What (well known person)  would eat if they were vegan. 

Ted Nugent has to be the biggest anti-vegan on the planet, so, if he were ever to become vegan,  I decided he'd eat my Great White Buffalo Dip in honor of his most famous song "Great White Buffalo."

Haven't heard of Ted Nugent? (Where have you been living these past 4 decades?) Take a tiny peek at this Wikipedia page to see what he's all about: hunting, guns, heavy rock music, screaming guitars, anti-government, personal freedoms,  and more hunting. He also loves presidential politics; in fact you can purchase a NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT  bumper sticker. I see them around once in a while. 

Haven't heard the song "Great White Buffalo"?  It's a good read and legend among Nugent fans.

Well, listen everybody,
To what I got to say.
There's hope for tomorrow,
Ooh,we're workin' on today.
Well, it happened long time ago,
In the new magic land.
The Indian and the buffalo,
They existed hand in hand

The Indian needed food,
He needed skins for a roof.
But he only took what they needed, baby.
Millions of buffalo were the proof.

Yeah,its all right.
But then came the white man,
With his thick and empty head.
He couldn't see past the billfold,

He wanted all the buffalo dead.
It was sad
It was sad.
Oh yeah, yes indeed.
Oh yes,

It happened a long time ago, baby.
In the new magic land.
See, the Indian and the buffalo,
They existed hand in hand.

The Indians, they needed some food,
And some skins for a roof.
They only took what they needed, baby.
Millions of buffalo were the proof, yeah.

But then came the white dogs,
With their thick and empty heads.
They couldn't see past the billfold.
They wanted all the buffalo dead.
Everything was so sad.

When I looked above the canyon wall,
Some strong eyes did I see.
I think its somebody comin' around
To save my ass, baby.
I think, I think he's comin' around
To save you and me.


I said, above the canyon wall
Strong eyes did glow.
It was the leader of the land, baby.

Oh my God!
The great white buffalo
Look out! Look out!

Well, he got the battered herd.
He led 'em cross the land.
With the great white buffalo,
They gonna make a final stand.

The great white buffalo,
Comin' around to make a final stand.
Well, look out here he comes.

The great white buffalo, baby.
The great white buffalo
Look out, here he comes.
He's doin' all right.

Makin' everything all right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah

See, Nugent loves nature and respects animals. (cough, cough) Seriously, that's the interesting thing about these super-hunter type of people: they actually do love the outdoors and animals and nature and all that. They say they want 'good kills' (Is there such a thing?) and that they 'honor' animals.  

I live in Michigan (Nugent's home state) and there are millions of hunters living here. You can't impose your beliefs on people by hitting them on the head with a block of tofu, you must find common ground (good food helps) and rejoice in small victories. You must try to be in another person's footsteps and understand traditions and family heritage. Many Michigan families hunt together: that's a family tradition and it won't change quickly.

Strangely, I have lots in common with Ted Nugent besides sharing Michigan as our home. I love the outdoors, I love animals, I love freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, and  I love presidential politics. I also happen to love rock music and screaming guitar solos. I also kinda like the "Great White Buffalo" song. 

So, come on over Mr. Nugent. Your vegan Great White Buffalo Dip awaits you. (recipe HERE)


  1. When I first saw your choice for this prompt I thought nailed it and I'm so glad you ran with it!!!! Nice job!!!!

  2. I like your choice! Hope he sees this post and is inspired!


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