Saturday, September 12, 2015

Favorite Cookbook

Day 12: Tell us about your favorite cookbook.

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe. I choose "Choices: Quick and Healthy Cooking" by Cheryl Thomas Caviness,  published in 1994. I've had my copy for 20 years. I bought it from a Seventh Day Adventist who came knocking on my door. Weird, right? And weirder still, another Seventh Day Adventist came knocking on my door last year and sold me a new edition of the same cookbook. That's not my religion and normally I shun people who knock on my door at random hours, but I guess I was feeling generous those two days. 

Why this book over all the others on my shelves? Well, just like the Moosewood cookbooks, this little gem taught me how to cook vegetables and grains. It's full of simple recipes for burritos and smoothies, which back in the day were totally unheard of to me! Who, before becoming vegetarian or vegan, had ever heard of putting a potato in a burrito? It was amazing to me! (I'm laughing as I type this!) And tofu! 20 years ago I didn't even know what it was. (Actually, 2 years ago I didn't know what it was! More laughter.)

Check out these photos to see how well-loved this cookbook is. 

I forgot about this recipe until just now - I'll have to resurrect it.
I used to think a cold rice salad was so 'fancy!'

My all time favorite pie crust recipe. I used to make chicken pot pie every week.... .time to revisit that idea also and make a veggie pot pie. 

I made 120 servings of this at Vacation Bible School in 2011. Blenders galore! 


  1. :) Isn't it funny, have a few old cookbooks that happen to be vegan too. I used Moosewood so much as a teen at home. I ended up leaving home with mom's copy! That's so funny they knocked on your door with the same recipe book 20 years later, tried and true I guess.

    1. It's an unusual cookbook, but I have returned to it often.

  2. I have this cookbook, but I orignally found it on I have not really cooked from it, but I like the photos and the meal ideas.

    1. I really like the photos. The mazidra is excellent and the Orange Julius is heavenly. :)


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