Friday, September 11, 2015

Beet Mango Smoothie

Day 7: Focus on a nutrient

Gotta be honest and say I'm too lazy to learn about the nutrients in a beet. I know for a fact that they are packed with all the good vitamins and minerals and fiber that we're supposed to be eating every day. I figure, if you're eating a variety of foods, and every color of food, and lots of water and carbs and protein, you're good for the day.

"Where do you get your protein?" is the question that vegans all deal with. The first time I was asked this, I was sitting in a room full of people I had not seen since college - a reunion of sorts. They found is odd (or interesting? ) that I eat a vegan diet. When they questioned my protein intake, I admit that I stumbled in responding. I vaguely said, "Oh, beans and tofu." Lame. The room was completely silent, everyone was nodding as if now they totally understood a vegan diet, and I felt that I did no service to my new way of eating.

What I should have said is that the Standard American Diet is so chocked full of protein that many people actually suffer from protein related diseases! Have you actually ever heard of a vegetarian or vegan suffering from protein deficiency? No, I didn't think so. There is plenty of protein in a vegan diet, including beets! Yes, a beet has protein. Plus, plant protein is easier to digest and because it comes in a handy vegetable, you also get the bonus of all that glorious fiber. No fiber in animal products - not an ounce. Plenty of protein in plants.

Next time someone asks me where I get my protein, of course I'll say beans and tofu. I'll also state the there's great sources of protein in all kinds of plants. Hey, did you guys know, for example, that a gorilla eats only plants. They seem to get plenty of protein! :) 

And don't forget about all those beautiful professional football players that are vegan. I bet they eat beets. 


  1. beets are probs my fave ingredient of all to choose from (i love them more than i love sriracha)

  2. I've juiced beets, but I've never added them to my smoothies. Do tou put them in your blender when they are raw?

    1. Yes, raw! It seems crazy, but if you have a high speed blender, it's amazing!

    2. I have a Hamilton Beach blender that I pretty much hate. The engine seems to be too powerful for it, and after a few seconds it smells like burnt plastic, and the blended mixture is still not smooth. For instance, I can't make a smoothie with kale.


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